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Individuals therapy

In my individual IFS therapy sessions, I'll guide you with empathy and experience to explore and heal your internal system, fostering a deep connection with your inner self. You'll learn to understand and relate to your parts with curiousity, leading to transformative self-discovery and a harmonious balance within, empowering you towards lasting personal growth and well-being.

How I guide you

In your journey through Individual IFS Therapy, my role is to gently guide you to befriend your parts and help you navigate the intricate landscape of your internal system. Inner safety is felt when all parts feel welcome, when all parts trust that they deserve to be heard and understood. I will support you to detect your concerned parts, explore how parts relate to each other and guide you to befriend the parts and have a deeper understanding in each parts' hopes and fears. When your protective family feels safe they can open up to the deeper layers of what they are protecting and eventually deep healing can occur when we can hold our exiled younger parts, witness their stories, and help them unburden from old beliefs.

What you can expect

IFS therapy becomes a transformative experience when we learn to approach our parts with curiosity and compassion. The stories and burdens our parts carry can be uncovered, thereby facilitating a healing process where we live with a more harmonious internal relationship. This brings peace, balance, and a renewed sense of self - all of which helps us be more resilient to challenging life events. 

How you will relate to your parts

Understanding and relating to your parts is a cornerstone of IFS therapy. In our therapeutic partnership, I am committed to support you in recognizing each part's role and intentions, helping you see them not as obstacles but as valuable aspects of your being that require attention and care. You'll learn to communicate with your parts, acknowledging their concerns and transforming your relationship with them. This process fosters an environment where parts feel seen and heard, allowing your true Self to lead with confidence, compassion, and clarity. As you build this internal harmony, you'll notice profound shifts in how you relate to yourself and the world around you.

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