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What is IFS?

IFS, or Internal Family Systems, is a healing pshychotherapy modality that recognizes and nurtures the multiple parts within us, guided by the core Self, to create harmony and self-healing.

Think about your parts as an inner family that coexists, argues, manages you and protects you. Each part with its own role.


It offers a compassionate, non-pathologizing approach, viewing all parts as welcome and valuable, aiming for integration rather than elimination.

IFS Therapy deals with all your parts that is you

Richard Schwartz explains
Internal Family Systems

IFS with Anuschka

Anuschka will support your unique journey of healing and self-discovery, with the transformative power of Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy and insight from other ancient wisdom traditions. Anuschka offers a nurturing space where you can explore the depths of your inner world, guided by the principles of safe space, curiosity, compassion, radical honesty, and understanding.

This synergy not only supports the journey towards self-awareness and inner peace but also holds the potential for you to release emotional burdens from the past and embrace your experience with kindness and courage.

Find Self

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a compassionate and empowering form of psychotherapy that recognizes the complexity of the human mind as being made up of various parts, much like members of a family.


At its heart, IFS helps individuals understand and embrace every aspect of themselves, even those parts that carry pain from past experiences. As we get to know our parts and unblend from them, we become more self-led and thereby having more choice in how we respond to triggering situations in life.

About IFS therapy

IFS recognizes that multiplicity is the inherent nature of the mind. Beyond all our multiple parts, who manages and protects us in many different ways, or who carries our original wounds, we all have an inherent and undestructible Self. IFS therapy gently encourages us to connect with this inner space, where healing is transforming from the inside out. It offers a path to self-discovery and self-love, allowing us to understand our parts, listen to the stories they hold, and heal them with compassion.

By finding access to more Self energy, we learn how to lead from the Self, which is characterized by qualities such as calmness, curiosity, and compassion. Over time we can transform our relationship with the internal world. This leads to profound changes: a decrease in inner conflict, a sense of peace and confidence, and an ability to be in more harmonious relationships.

IFS is especially powerful for those dealing with trauma and complex trauma, with anxiety, depression, polarisation, or relationship challenges. It offers not just a way to cope, but a way to truly heal and find a sense of wholeness.

You can read more about IFS at the IFS Institute's website

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