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IFS Therapist Anuschka

Hello and a warm welcome to my Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy practice. My name is Anuschka, and I am honoured to be your guide on this inner journey towards wholeness, self-compassion and personal growth.


With over 20 years of inner practise and a decade of experience as a yoga teacher and owner of a yoga studio, I have had the privilege of supporting many individuals to find more balance, peace, and strength within themselves. The training in IFS therapy has deepened my understanding of the human mind and its complexities. Over the years I have had a lot of learning, exploring and processing of my own internal emotional world. This supports me now in doing what I love - to guide clients to move towards more self-compassion and a harmonious relationship with their inner and outer world.


At the age of 57, and with my background in yoga and mindfulness meditation, I bring a wealth of life experience, insights and compassion to my IFS practice. I believe in the inherent sanity and healing capacity of each individual, and my goal is to provide a safe and nurturing space for you to explore, understand, and even heal the parts of yourself that have been burdened from earlier life experiences.


You can expect a warm, non-judgmental, and supportive space which supports you to find safety enough inside, to delve into the deeper layers of the inner experience. Through IFS therapy, we will work together to identify and befriend the parts that bring imbalances within your internal family system, fostering understanding, acceptance, and more inner harmony.


Thank you for considering me as your compassionate friend and supportive therapist on this journey. I look forward to working together and to witness your growth and inner freedom.





IFS practitioner Anuschka Hallander

Testimonial, long-standing client, London

“I have had many therapists, as well as peer-support practices and other means of therapeutic support, and Anuschka has been the one to make a world of difference to me. Her insight and guidance and offering of a warm holding space have helped me to keep going through one of the most challenging periods of my life. She is attentive, compassionate, and incredibly knowledgeable, with a very holistic approach. Her authenticity really shined through from the start, which made it incredibly easy to connect with her compared to many other experiences I have had. From the very first session, I felt that she was genuinely invested in my well-being as a fellow human, not just as a diagnosis or any other kind of box. She has created a safe and comfortable space where I can share my deepest shame without any judgment. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a skilled and caring therapist. "

Experience and qualifications

IFS Level 1 & 2

IFS Institute (Osnat Arbel, Richard Schwartz)


Karuna Training

Training in Mindfulness and Compassion in relation to others, based on Contemplative Psychology and Buddhist understanding, London 2018-2020

IFIO Basic training (Toni Herbine Blank)

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Other deepening IFS trainings

Befriending Difficult Protectors (Mike Elkin)

Nuance and Attunement in the IFS Model – An Interpersonal Neurobiologically Informed Approach to Working with Relational Trauma (Stephanie Mitchell)

IFS & Attachment Trauma (Osnat Arbel)

IFS & other trauma healing modalities (Frank Andersen)

MIND Sweden

Volunteering on a regular basis for MIND's suicidal hotline

MBA (Masters degree in Business Administration

University of Lund, Sweden, 1993

500 RYT Hatha yoga, Yoga Works

300 RYT, Level III Yin Yoga and Buddha Dharma with Sarah Powers, Insight Yoga Institute (IYI)

Self studies... I love books!

Richard Schwartz/Martha Sweezy, 'IFS Therapy'

Richard Schwartz, 'No Bad Parts'

Sweezy/Ziskund, 'IFS Innovations and elaborations'

Susan McConnell, 'Somatic IFS'

Herbine Blank/Sweezy, 'Intimacy from the Inside Out'

Robert Falconer, 'The Others Within Us'

Frank G Andersen, 'Transcending Trauma'

Deb Dana & Stephen Porges on Polyvagal Theory

Allan N Schore, 'Right Brain Psychotherapy'

Janina Fisher, 'Healing the fragmented selves of trauma survivors'

R Karen,'Becoming Attached'

P DeYoung, 'Understanding & treating Chronic Shame'

C Spring, 'Unshame'

Bessel van der Kolk, 'The Body Keeps the Score'

Gabor Mate, 'The Myth of Normal'

Stanislav Grof, 'Holotropic Breathwork'  and more

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