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Couples therapy

Based on IFIO

IFIO stands for "intimacy from the inside out" and is an IFS-based modality for couples therapy. 

This approach invites you and your partner to explore the landscape of your inner selves together, fostering intimacy from the inside out. In a safe and nurturing environment, you'll learn to communicate and connect in ways that can heal old wounds and open the door to a more loving, fulfilling partnership.

How I Guide You

In couples therapy sessions grounded in the IFIO approach, I serve as a compassionate facilitator, guiding both of you through the process of understanding and empathizing with each other's internal parts. By creating a safe and non-judgmental space for both partners, I encourage open dialogue and deep listening, enabling you to explore the complexities of your own and your partner's inner worlds. Together, we'll navigate the intricate dance of your relationship, using the principles of IFS to foster a profound connection and understanding between you and your partner.

What You Can Expect

Through the IFIO approach, you'll gain insights into how your individual parts impact your relationship dynamics, learning to communicate from a place of vulnerability and authenticity. This process not only addresses conflicts and can heals old wounds but can also revitalize love and trust in your relationship. You'll discover new ways of relating that honor both your needs and those of your partner, paving the way for a more harmonious and fulfilling partnership.

How You Will Relate to Your Partner

You will learn to understand your own and your partners reactions and behaviours in a new light, recognizing the parts that emerge in moments of stress or conflict. By understanding these parts and how they interact with your own, you come to cultivate a deeper empathy and patience for each other. With this approach we are encouraged to speak for our parts, instead of from parts - so that it becomes possible to listen to our partner from the heart and to understand the ways in which we are protecting the wounded parts of ourselves. You will develop a shared language for your experiences, allowing you to navigate challenges with gentleness, deepening your connection and intimacy with each other.

More about IFIO

IFIO stands for Intimacy from the Inside Out, and it is a couples therapy modality based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz. IFIO focuses on applying the principles and practices of IFS to couples therapy to enhance intimacy, communication, and understanding within the relationship. It emphasizes the idea that each partner has their own internal system of parts, and relationship issues often arise from these parts interacting in protective or extreme ways.

In IFIO therapy, couples are guided to identify and understand their own parts, as well as their partner's, and learn how to access the Self—a place of compassion, curiosity, and calmness—to interact with their partner's parts in a more understanding and empathetic way. This approach helps partners to heal old wounds, improve communication, and foster a deeper connection, leading to greater intimacy and a stronger, healthier relationship.

IFIO aims to create a safe and supportive environment for partners to explore their vulnerabilities, fears, and desires, helping them to navigate their relationship dynamics more effectively and lovingly. It's an approach that not only addresses the symptoms of relationship distress but also aims at achieving profound and lasting transformation by healing the underlying emotional and psychological patterns.

You can read more about IFIO here .

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