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IFS Therapy with Anuschka

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I am passionate about supporting individuals through IFS therapy to find more emotional well-being through the IFS model. I'm a level 2 IFS practitioner with a background in yoga and buddhist based meditation. I am based in Sweden and practice IFS therapy in Stockholm or online in English or Swedish. For a swedish version please visit

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IFS practitioner Anuschka Hallander

IFS in short...

IFS therapy is build upon the idea that all people inherently contain multiple "parts" or subpersonalities. By accessing our core inner "Self", we unleash the healing capacity within. 

Think about your parts as an inner family that coexists, argues, manages you and protects you. Each part with its own role.

“Working with Anuschka has been incredibly healing as she is very compassionate, gentle and patient. She meets me where I am by seeing all parts of the human experience through a lens of love and neutrality. As a highly sensitive person I feel IFS has given me the tools to feel safe connecting to the depths of my inner world“

Client in her 20'ies, New York

Individual Therapy

My individual IFS therapy service provides a safe space for you to explore your inner world, to get to know the parts of you that makes aspects of your life experience challenging. Through the IFS therapy modality I will support you to gain more self-awareness, to heal past wounds, and promote inner freedom and growth.



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Couples Therapy

My IFS couples therapy provide a safe and supportive space for you and your partner to explore and understand relationship challenges. We use the IFIO modality to help you have more self-awareness, deeper understanding, and to develop courageous communication skills, and promote emotional healing.


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